loose braids styles in nigeria

In today’s modern world of fashion and beauty, it is no surprise that the trend of loose braids styles in Nigeria is growing in popularity. Loose braids styles in Nigeria, provide a unique and stylish look that can be tailored to the individual’s own personal style and preference. Not only are loose braids styles in … Read more

Simple Ethiopian Cornrow Hairstyles

Christine Mbithuka, with 12 years of professional hairstyling experience, I specialize in simple Ethiopian cornrow hairstyles. These styles typically feature neat, close-to-the-scalp braids that create intricate, geometric patterns. For example, I recently styled a client with a classic straight-back cornrow design, perfect for everyday wear and easy maintenance. These styles not only highlight the beauty … Read more

Beautiful Stylish Ghana Braids Cornrows

Ghana cornrows, also known as Ghana braids or Ghana weaving, are a traditional and elegant hairstyle for black hair. These cornrows are typically thicker and flatter compared to regular cornrows, creating a raised, ridge-like appearance. They often incorporate intricate patterns and can be styled into various designs such as updo, ponytails, or left loose. Ghana … Read more

interlock dreads

When it comes to creative hairstyle options, interlock dreads are one of the most popular choices. Not only do they look great, but they also last for a long time and require minimal maintenance. They can be worn in a variety of ways and can easily be customized to match your individual style. In this … Read more

Big Feed in Braids to the back

In my 12 years as a black hairstylist, big feed-in braids to the back have been a popular choice among clients seeking a stylish and protective hairstyle. These braids are created by gradually adding extensions using the feed-in method, starting from the front and progressing towards the back. Clients often opt for variations like jumbo … Read more

Simple Female Cornrow Styles With Natural Hair

As a seasoned professional with 12 years in black hairstyling, I specialize in creating simple yet elegant cornrow styles that accentuate natural hair textures. For instance, small updo ponytails and gently pushed back freehand cornrows are among my signature designs. These styles not only showcase the beauty of natural hair but also offer versatility and … Read more

Beautiful Fishtail Cornrows For Black Woman

As a seasoned black hairstylist with 12 years of experience like Christine Mbithuka, fishtail cornrows hairstyles are a versatile and elegant choice. One standout style I often create is the Fishtail Crown, where intricate fishtail braids are elegantly woven around the crown of the head, offering a regal and sophisticated look. This style is perfect … Read more

Easy Unique Cornrows Lines Styles Black Girl

I’m Christine Mbithuka, a professional black hairstylist with 12 years of experience. For easy, unique cornrow styles for black girls, I recommend straight back cornrows for a classic, quick look, zigzag cornrows for added flair, Ghana braids for a bold style, feed-in cornrows for a natural, elegant appearance, and halo cornrows for special occasions. These … Read more

69 +The Best Jumbo Crochet Box Braids without cornrows

Crochet box braids have quickly become one of the most popular protective styles amongst naturalistas. They are an easy and fun way to switch up your look while protecting your natural hair. Jumbo box braids take the look to the next level and can last weeks. If you want to take your box braids up … Read more

70 + The Best Large Crochet Box Braids Styles

Although box braids have been around for centuries, styles have evolved over time, and large crochet box braids hairstyles are particularly on trend in 2023. These gorgeous hairstyles are a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and protective style that can last for weeks. Combining the durability of box braids with the convenience … Read more