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Having short natural hair can be a challenge when you’re looking for a protective style that makes a statement. Jumbo box braids are an ideal solution. They’re not only a great way to protect your hair, but they can also be stylish and eye-catching. Whether you’re looking for a short-term style or a longer-term protective style, jumbo box braids are a great option for short natural hair.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of jumbo box braids on short natural hair. We’ll discuss the benefits, the styling process, and the styling products you’ll need to create the perfect look. We’ll also discuss some important tips to keep in mind if you’re considering jumbo box braids for your short natural hair. After reading this post, you’ll be better informed on how to style and maintain your box braids.

1. Choose The Right Size And Length Of Jumbo Braiding Hair

When choosing jumbo braiding hair for box braids on short natural hair, it’s important to select the appropriate size and length. The hair should be 3-4 times longer than the desired length of the box braid for the best results. For example, if you want to achieve 8-inch box braids, you would need to buy 24-inch jumbo braiding hair. Similarly, the width of the hair should be compatible with the size of the braid; for instance, if you’re making small box braids, you should use jumbo braiding hair that is 2-3 inches thick.

2. Detangle Your Hair With a Wide-Toothed Comb

Detangling your hair with a wide-toothed comb is an essential step when styling jumbo box braids on short natural hair. This tool helps evenly distribute the tension along the scalp and minimizes breakage or hair loss. When starting with detangling, start at the bottom of the hair and gradually move up towards the roots.

Start with small sections and gently section out any knots, using a slow and steady motion. This helps reduce the chance of causing further breakage. If you experience any excess pulling or tugging, adjust the angle of the comb and try a different section of hair.

3. Separate The Hair Into Four Box Braids On Very Short Hair Sections

Once you have prepped your hair for styling, separate it into four sections: two in the back of your head and two on the sides. Make sure the sections are even so that the jumbo box braids can be applied symmetrically. Secure each section with a clip. This will help keep the hair in place while you work.

4. Secure The Short Jumbo Box Braids Sections With Clips

Once you have completed your braids, you will need to secure each section with clips. This is important to ensure that the braids stay in place and do not unravel. Make sure you use hair clips that are sturdy and appropriate for your hair type – metal clips are best for thicker hair textures, while plastic clips are better for finer hair. Once you have all of your sections secured with clips, your jumbo box braids on your short natural hair will be complete.

5. Start Braiding At The Nape Of Your Neck

To achieve a successful jumbo box braid look on short natural hair, begin by gathering your hair and separating it into sections. Start braiding at the nape of your neck, taking your time to ensure that each braid is tight and even. Continue to braid downwards until you reach the desired length of your hair. This technique will help to prevent your braids from looking unruly and will help them stay in place for longer.

6.Apply Gel And Edge Control To The Braid

After you have completed braiding all of the hair, it is time to apply some edge control and gel to the braid. Edge control is a styling product that helps keep the edges of your braids neat, while gel helps to hold the style in place. Hold the braid in one hand, and use your other hand to apply the edge control and gel. Start at the ends of the braids, and work your way up towards the scalp. Apply the gel in thin layers, and use a comb to help spread it evenly over the braid. Once you have finished, you should have a neat, well-defined jumbo box braid.

7. Secure The Braid With a Rubber Band

To complete the jumbo box braids, secure the braid with a rubber band at the end. It is important to ensure that the rubber band is tight and secure, as this helps to maintain the desired shape of the braid. Using the rubber band to tie the braid will also help to keep the braid from unraveling or becoming loose over time.

8. Use a Latch Hook To Add Extensions

Step 8 in creating jumbo box braids on short natural hair is to use a latch hook to add extensions. If your natural hair is short, you can use an extension to add length to the braid. To do this, use a latch hook to loop the extension through your natural hair and create a braid. Secure the braid with a small elastic band and then proceed with the regular jumbo box braid pattern. Be sure to use a gentle touch when doing this step, as too much pulling can cause damage to your natural hair.

9. Seal The Ends Of The Braid Using a Lighter

Once you have finished braiding your natural hair, use a lighter to seal the ends of the braids. This will help to keep the braids in place and prevent the ends from fraying. Be sure to use a lighter that is made specifically for hair, as the heat of a regular lighter is too high and can damage your hair

10. Twist, Style 16 Jumbo Box Braids And Accessorize Your Hair As Desired

Tenth and final step: Twist, style, and accessorize your hair as desired. After you’ve completed the previous steps, your jumbo box braids are all set. Now you can get creative and style your hair in any way you like. Whether you’re going for a chic and professional look, a fun and fashionable one, or something in between, there are endless possibilities for you to express yourself through your hair. Experiment with different colors, styles, and accessories, and have fun!

In conclusion, jumbo box braids on short natural hair are a great way to give your hair a break from styling and still look effortless. They can be versatile and can be worn up or down, and can be styled with accessories for a truly unique look. With proper maintenance, jumbo box braids can last for weeks and are an excellent protective style for any woman with short natural hair.

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