Beautiful Stylish Stitch Braids Cornrows

With over 12 years of professional experience as a black hairstylist, I specialize in creating stylish stitch braids and cornrows. These techniques involve intricately weaving hair close to the scalp using a stitching method, resulting in sleek and long-lasting braids. For example, I often incorporate unique elements such as zigzag patterns or decorative beads and … Read more

Stunning Beautiful Cornrows With Beads Hairstyles

As a professional black hairstylist with 12 years of experience, I’ve mastered various cornrows with beads hairstyles. For instance, the Classic Straight Back Cornrows with Clear Beads are a timeless choice that suits all ages and occasions. The Fulani Cornrows with Traditional Beads are popular for their cultural significance and beauty. For a chic look, … Read more

Beautiful Stylish Banana Cornrows Hairstyles

I’m Christine Mbithuka, a professional black hairstylist with 12 years of experience. Banana cornrows are thick, straight-back braids that can be customized in many styles. For example, I’ve crafted banana cornrows with a zigzag part for a unique look, added beads for a decorative touch, and incorporated colored accents for vibrancy. These styles can transition … Read more

Stunning Latest Cornrow Rasta For Black Hair

Discover the latest trends in stunning Cornrow Rasta styles for Black hair! From intricate braiding patterns that showcase cultural heritage to modern twists that blend tradition with contemporary flair, these hairstyles are a celebration of creativity and identity. Whether you’re inspired by classic designs or looking for something bold and new, there’s a Cornrow Rasta … Read more

Beautiful Stylish Flat Twists Cornrow Hairstyles

I’m Christine Mbithuka, a professional black hairstylist with 12 years of experience. Flat twist cornrow hairstyles involve twisting sections of hair flat against the scalp for a sleek look. Popular styles include Classic Straight Back, Zigzag, and Flat Twist Updo, offering versatility and elegance for any occasion. Classic Straight Back Flat Twists Classic Straight Back … Read more

Beautiful Stunning Urban Cornrow Hairstyles

Urban cornrow hairstyles encompass a range of intricate braiding techniques popular in contemporary African American communities. Over my 12-year career as a professional black hairstylist, I’ve crafted styles such as straight back cornrows, curved cornrows, and jumbo cornrows. These designs often incorporate creative elements like zigzag patterns or triangular shapes, catering to diverse preferences and … Read more

Beautiful Trendy All Back Cornrow Styles

As a Black hairstylist with extensive experience, all back cornrow styles involve braiding the hair straight back from the forehead to the nape of the neck. This classic technique provides a sleek and protective hairstyle suitable for various textures and lengths. For instance, I often create jumbo straight back cornrows or incorporate intricate feed-in cornrows … Read more

Stunning Tribal Cornrows For Black Hair

I’m Christine Mbithuka, a professional black hairstylist with 12 years of experience. Stunning tribal cornrows for black hair blend tradition and style. Popular styles include Fulani Braids, known for their intricate patterns and bead accents, and Lemonade Braids, featuring side-swept cornrows for a bold look. Goddess Braids offer a regal touch with their thick, oversized … Read more

Beautiful Stylish Jumbo Cornrow Styles

Jumbo cornrow styles are large, thick braids that are popular in Black hairstyling. They are created by weaving large sections of hair close to the scalp, typically using extensions for added length and volume. Professional Black hairstylists often create various designs such as classic straight-back cornrows, jumbo Ghana braids with intricate patterns, or stylish variations … Read more

Pineapple lines Hairstyles For Black Hair

Pineapple lines is a versatile hairstyle for Black hair where braids converge into a central ponytail, ideal for its trendy, low-maintenance appeal. Updo involve braiding sections into a high ponytail, while Afro puffs gather hair into multiple round puffs. Mohawk styles combine braids into a central line, creating a bold look. Large designs feature intricate … Read more