How To Create Faux Distressed Locs with Texture and Style”

Are you looking for a unique hairstyle that is both stylish and versatile? Have you considered trying faux distressed locs? Faux locs are an excellent way to get the look of traditional locs without the long-term commitment of growing and maintaining real locs.

With a little bit of texture and styling, you can create faux locs that look as good as the real thing! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to create faux distressed locs with texture and style.

We’ll provide an overview of the basic steps and offer some styling tips to customize your look. Whether you’re looking for an everyday style or a special occasion hairstyle, you’ll be able to create the perfect look with faux distressed locs. So let’s get started!

1. Gather the necessary supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have gathered all of the necessary supplies. You will need a comb, a spritzer bottle filled with water, a container of faux locs, a crochet hook, beeswax, and a pair of scissors. Having all of these items on hand before you start will ensure that you have a successful styling experience.

2. Create a textured pattern on your locs

To create a textured pattern to your locs, start by using a wide-tooth comb to establish a basic pattern in your locs. To create a distressed look, use the comb to gently pull sections of the loc away from the scalp. This will create a textured, rough look to the locs. To add more texture to your locs, use a texturizing spray to give them a light, airy feel. Experiment with different products to find the texture that works best for you.

3. Apply a light-hold mousse

After you have secured the desired shape, it is time to apply a light-hold mousse. This will help to create a textured look while also adding some hold to the style. Apply the mousse evenly to each section of your locs, making sure to work it into the hair until it is completely saturated. If you are looking for a more defined look, use a comb or a brush to further shape your locs.

4. Separate the locs into sections

Once you have finished prepping the locs and are ready to apply the faux distressed look, you will need to separate them into sections. Begin by creating a middle part and dividing the locs into two sections. Then, divide each of those sections in half, and so on, until you have several sections. Doing this will help ensure that each loc is evenly treated and will help you keep track of all the sections you have treated.

5. Apply a light-hold gel to the sections

After securing your dreadlocks in place, it is time to add texture and style. Begin by taking a light-hold gel and applying it to each of the sections you have created. This will help to hold the style for longer, as well as give a little more definition to the dreadlocks. Be sure to not use too much gel, as this will cause the locs to become stiff and difficult to style. Use a light touch and work your way from the root to the tips.

6. Create texture by back-combing each section

To create texture and a faux distressed look, use a wide-tooth comb to back-comb each section of your locs. This is done by gently combing the locs from the end and working your way up towards the root. This will help to give the locs a thicker, more textured look. Make sure to carefully back-comb each section, as too much can cause the locs to appear over-textured and can cause breakage. Additionally, avoid excessive back-combing, as this can lead to knots and tangles in the locs.

7. Complete the first section before moving onto the next

Before beginning the process of creating faux distressed locs, it is important to make sure the first section is completed in its entirety. Taking the time to complete the initial section correctly will ensure that the locs have the desired texture and style. It is also essential to make sure the section is even and in line with the other sections. Taking the necessary time to complete the first section properly will ensure the desired results are achieved.

8. Carefully use a blow dryer for additional texture

Carefully use a blow dryer for additional texture. Use a low heat setting and direct the dryer at the base of the locs, working from the root to the tip of the locs. Do not go over any locs more than once. Doing so excessively can damage the locs, resulting in split ends. This method of drying will add texture and body to the locs, creating a distressed and voluminous look.

9. Secure the ends with a light-hold hairspray

Once all the faux locs are in place, you can give them a bit of extra hold and protection from the elements by securing the ends with a light-hold hairspray. This will help to ensure the locs maintain their shape and won’t unravel prematurely. For best results, hold the can about six inches away from the locs and spray evenly from root to tip. Then let the hair dry completely before touching it.

10. Flaunt your finished faux distressed locs!

After you have worked hard to create your faux distressed locs, it is now time to flaunt your finished look. Make sure that when you are out and about, you have your head held high and you are confident in the style you have created. With the perfect blend of texture and style, you can rest assured that you will be turning heads and making a fashion statement wherever you go.

In conclusion, faux distressed locs have become increasingly popular due to their unique and stylish look. With the right products, time, and patience, anyone can create this look at home. Whether you are looking to add texture to your locs or just want to try something new, faux distressed locs are the perfect way to switch up your look.